I Fell in Love With the Lady I Was Investigating

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Gamble Hourouki, Super Famicom.

(Vap - 1996)


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Escape from Tomorrow is a 2013 American fantasy-psychological horror film, the debut of writer-director Randy Moore. Its about man having increasingly disturbing experiences and visions during the last day of a family vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort.

It drew attention because Moore had shot most of it on location at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland without permission from The Walt Disney Company, owner and operator of both parks. Due to Disney’s reputation of being protective of its intellectual property, the cast and crew used guerrilla filmmaking techniques to avoid attracting attention, such as keeping their scripts on their iPhones and shooting on handheld video cameras similar to those used by park visitors. After principal photography was complete, Moore was so determined to keep the project a secret from Disney that he edited it in South Korea. Sundance similarly declined to discuss the film in detail before it was shown. It was called “the ultimate guerrilla film”. (x)

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Fear of a Black Victim [credit]